Community center in Lviv

The Community Center in Lviv commenced its operations in November 2022 and continues to thrive to this day.

Information about the center




+38 063 732 79 47

Daily number of children:


Operating hours:

Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 7:00 PM

The child's story:

Name: Alexander
Age: 8 years
Status: -
The names are fictional, but the ages are approximate. For the protection of the children and confidentiality, we do not include photos.

Alexander, also known as Sashko, resides with his grandmother and sister on the outskirts of our village. They face a long walk to reach the nearest store. Initially, Sashko seemed withdrawn and did not smile much, but during the June 1 holiday, we were overjoyed to witness his first smile. Although he is a quick learner and enjoys activities, he remained quiet and somewhat distant. Our social worker assisted him in selecting clothes, and he received a briefcase and stationery, which led to him eagerly sharing his creations with us. Sashko attended the robotics course and quickly caught up with the children who had been attending for several months. Presently, he regularly attends the day care center, receives support from a psychologist, participates in group hibuki therapy, and we observe his smile more frequently.