Community center in Vysokyy

The Community Center in Vysokyy, Kharkiv region, began its operations in November 2022 and continues to this day.

Information about the center


SMT Vysokyy, Kharkiv region


+38 063 613 64 36

Daily number of children:


Operating hours:

Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 7:00 PM

The child's story:

Name: Veronika
Age: 9 years
Status: Half-orphan
The names are fictional, but the ages are approximate. For the protection of the children and confidentiality, we do not include photos.

Veronika lives with her mother, older sister (20 years old, with health problems), and grandparents. Two years ago, her father passed away, leaving the family in difficult circumstances. Due to the full-scale war, Veronika was unable to attend online school because her family did not have a modern gadget for joining classes. Her teacher assigned tasks, and her mother did her best to cover the necessary topics at home. When Veronika started attending the Community Center, she initially kept her distance from the other children, was quiet, and spoke softly. Over time, she became more confident, active, and started smiling more often. She made friends at the center and rarely missed classes, despite the long distance from home. Veronika diligently studies English and Ukrainian and enjoys playing board games. While she performs well academically, she tends to complete tasks slowly and takes time to consider her decisions. We hope that with time, she will become more confident and efficient.Our organization has provided Veronika's family with support, including personal hygiene products, bedding, shoes and clothes, and school supplies. When we first met Veronika at the start of the war, she lacked quality clothing, shoes, and proper nutrition.