Our Centers

1. Kyiv

2. Pokrovsk

Donetsk region

3. Pidhaytsi

Volyn region

4. Sokal

Chervonohrad district, Lviv region

5. Dnipro

6. Poltava

7. Dnipro

8. Lubny

Poltava region

9. Velyki Mosty

Chervonohrad district, Lviv region

10. Kramatorsk

Chervonohrad district, Lviv region

What we are doing

It takes over a month to prepare for a single special operation after discovering the deportation fact until the mothers depart Ukraine to retrieve their children.

fromĀ hotspots

Every day we are conducting special operations, evacuating people from hotspots of Ukraine

supportĀ for people

We are finding temporary housing in Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, helping with food, medicines, and clothing.