Save Ukraine is the only public organization in Ukraine that regularly organizes and successfully conducts Rescue Missions to return Ukrainian children.


Main stages of returning deported Ukrainian children

More than ㅤ19,000 ㅤUkrainian children were deported to russia, and ㅤ 744,000ㅤchildren, according to open sources voiced by rf.

More than ㅤ6,000ㅤ young Ukrainians have been sent to re-education facilities inside russia or the russian-held areas of Ukraine under the pretext of "recovery".

Since February 24, 2022, we have already rescued 118 forcibly deported children from Russia and 120 - from the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Main stages of returning deported Ukrainian children

It takes over a month to prepare for a single special operation after discovering the deportation fact until the mothers depart Ukraine to retrieve their children.



Identifying abducted children and their whereabouts;


Returning children back to Ukraine;


Documenting children's cases and filing them to local and international courts by 3 teams of lawyers;


Helping children and their families recover their psychological and physical health.


Media about us


See Ukrainian children released from Russia's alleged 're-education' camps

CNN's David McKenzie investigates the stories behind a new report from Yale University that describes Ukrainian parents fighting to get their children out of purported Russian "re-education" camps.

Ukraine War: How Russia ‘stole’ Ukrainian children

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine. The court said the move was in relation to claims Moscow deported...

Missing Ukrainian Girl Rescued From Russian Re-Education Camp

KYIV, Ukraine — Tetiana Vlaiko feels like an idiot. She is ashamed to speak to WhoWhatWhy about how the Russians took her 11-year-old daughter Lilia to Russian-occupied Crimea. She says that last...

The Ukrainian children stolen by Putin and sent to camps

When Tatiana Vlaiko’s 11-year-old daughter Lilya came home from school last September saying her class was going to a two-week summer camp, alarm bells immediately rang in her mother’s head.

Ukrainian children taken by Russia reunited with families

Seventeen Ukrainian children who were sent to camps in Crimea by Russian officials were reunited with their families in Kyiv today. They are among thousands who were transferred to Russia or the regions it occupies.

Ukrainian brings her ‘kidnapped’ daughter home from Russia

There came a time when Lyudmila Kozyr thought she would never see her daughter again. Taken to Russia as fighting engulfed her village in the northeast of Ukraine, Veronika, 13, was just one of thousands...

Community centersfor children and families

Save Ukraine fully assumes all financial costs and
expenses related to the Rescue Missions. We pay for:

The documents and certificates for mothers and children;

Take care of all costs associated with transportation services (tickets, bus, and minibus rental, driver fees, fuel costs);

Food costs to ensure proper nutrition during the journey;

Overnight hotel stays.

Join us in raising funds for rescue operations

Child deportations have no place in a civilized world.
Your donation can return abducted Ukrainian children home!

Their stories

Read the stories of child deportation survivors and their families

Inna and Nikita Ivanov

15-year-old Nikita from Kherson has always been a gifted football player. Coming from an athletic family, the boy regularly attended national and international tournaments...

Tatyana and Lilija Vlajko

Prior to the russian invasion, Tatiana Vlaiko lived in the village of Oleksandrіvka, 40 kilometers from Kherson in southern Ukraine. She was working as a cheese molder, raising...

Olga Anodina, Andrii Kozlovskyi

Before the full-scale invasion, Olha, her son, and her daughter lived in the village of Kyselivka, Kherson region. On the day before the invasion, , Olha and her daughter were visiting the city...